Art Nation – George Voulgaropoulos Photography Exhibition

Art Nation – George Voulgaropoulos Photography Exhibition

We have been fortunate to have George working with us as a photographer for a few years now. His work is incredibly diverse, always interesting and beautiful. ABC Arts recently worked with George to create a documentary about his “Children of Auburn” project.

Artist statement: “Children of Auburn” is my photographic portrayal of a side of Sydney that most people willl never see. This series provides a glimpse into the life of the next generation of Australians living in Auburn, peering behind the veil of this little-known side of society. Auburn is a small suburb located in Sydney’s western suburbs, a landing point for many migrants and refugees when they first arrive in Australia. Recent events have spurred an increase in displaced Afghan, Iraqi and Sudanese refugees seeking a new place to call home, a haven from a troubled past. I plan to continue documenting this important and overlooked aspect of Australian culture. Will this next generation of Australians hold onto their cultural heritage? Or will they be overwhelmed by the pressure to assimilate? The body of work parallels my journey as a photographer, as an observer of a culture, mirroring my own experiences as a 2nd generation Australian.

You can see George’s work at the ‘City West Link‘ exhibition at Gaffa Gallery 20th May – 1st June.

Anni Payne
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