Ballast Point Park, a glorious place for a wedding!

Ballast Point Park, a glorious place for a wedding!

Photography by Anni Payne

A romantic Thunderstorm!

We dodged the rain and embraced it as well, Stew and Laura and their beautiful little girl were very brave with the unpredictable weather on their wedding day and the results were worth it!

Sometimes the light and dramatic skies can be the most amazing on these crazy weather days. I really love this location (and it’s in our neighbourhood!), Ballast Point Park in Birchgrove and a perfect intimate reception choice at the Riverview Hotel.

Thank you, Stew and Laura, for choosing Milk & Honey Photography, and for your lovely letter.

I loved being a part of your day!


Sydney photographer_0288.jpg
Sydney photographer_0317.jpg
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Sydney photographer_0301.jpg
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Sydney photographer_0303.jpg
Sydney photographer_0304.jpg
Sydney photographer_0305.jpg
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Sydney photographer_0320.jpg
Sydney photographer_0321.jpg
Sydney photographer_0322.jpg
Sydney photographer_0323.jpg
Sydney photographer_0324.jpg
Sydney photographer_0325.jpg
Sydney photographer_0326.jpg

Madeleine Wood
  • HayleyLane
    Posted at 10:08h, 29 March

    Awesome images Anni! What a beautiful, happy family 🙂

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