Beautiful boathouse engagement session

Beautiful boathouse engagement session

Photography by Matthew Duchesne

One of my dreams is to one day own a boat-shed, and so it was a special privilege to photograph Stefanie & Andre

at Andre’s parent’s home nestled in to the side of Sydney Harbour. We can’t wait to photograph their wedding!
Sydney photographer_0752.jpg
Sydney photographer_0750.jpg
Sydney photographer_0754.jpg
Sydney photographer_0751.jpg
Sydney photographer_0748.jpg
Sydney photographer_0747.jpg
Sydney photographer_0746.jpg
Sydney photographer_0760.jpg
Sydney photographer_0759.jpg
Sydney photographer_0758.jpg
Sydney photographer_0757.jpg
Sydney photographer_0741.jpg
Sydney photographer_0742.jpg
Sydney photographer_0744.jpg
Sydney photographer_0745.jpg
Sydney photographer_0749.jpg
Sydney photographer_0753.jpg
Sydney photographer_0743.jpg
Sydney photographer_0755.jpg
Sydney photographer_0756.jpg

Madeleine Wood
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