Clarke Island Wedding (Sydney Wedding Photographer)

Clarke Island Wedding (Sydney Wedding Photographer)

Photography by Anni Payne and Rose Punch

As one of the latest Photographers to join the Milk and Honey team, I was so excited about working with Anni at Anna and Dave’s Wedding.

This sweet, not to mention stunning couple had just moved here from London and thought they might as well have a sunny Sydney Wedding. They did so with family and friends in the heart of the harbour on Clarke Island. The ferry ride and a champagne helped to cool down all the guests on this hot day but we all forgot the heat when the beautiful Anna emerged out of the Australian bush to the sound of flute, violin and some sweet chirping birdies while holding onto her Dad’s hand. Possibly I have slightly romanticised it in my mind but trust me it was a really nice vibe. And everyone, including Anni and I, cried when Dave’s Dad gave a heartfelt blessing to the gorgeous couple during the ceremony.

Anna’s beautiful dress is by Christine Kendall in London, shoes by John Lewis, reception at Seargents Mess, cake by Bill Penrose and the celebrant was Elizabeth Trevan.

Never have I seen such an energetic reception, the English sure know how to boogie! As soon as the bridal waltz was over, it was on for young and old on the dance floor. It took all my strength (and professionalism of course) to resist throwing down my camera and kicking up my heels with Anna and Dave’s guests. Thankfully we exercised our restraint and were able to capture some beautiful images of a warm and welcoming family in one of many amazing moments that spanned the day.

Since the big day, Anna has told us that it was the most perfect happy and enjoyable day imaginable. I thought so too. Thanks Anna and Dave. Rose xxx

Laura McClintock
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