Artistic Sydney children’s photography – a Dragon and a Princess

Artistic Sydney children’s photography – a Dragon and a Princess

Photography by Anni Payne and Matthew Duchesne

Don’t our children make great models! We spent an amazing morning in Sydney photographing our very own dragon and princess in fancy dress in a park in Rozelle. With a little imagination and an artistic eye, we transformed our neighbourhood park into a magical dream-time place where little girl Princesses dance all day and little boys turn into fire-breathing dragons. Natural environments, texture, dynamic movement and light are so very important to us, and we wanted to showcase our own family photography. We understand that the freedom to play allows children to open up to the camera, and that little ones will glow in the right light and a beautiful setting. We hope you love these photos too.

For more information about our family portrait photography and Sydney kids and children’s photography, please head to the Milk & Honey website, or contact us on (02) 9555 7966. Kids fashion designers – we  would love to hear from you too.

Laura McClintock
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