Dunbar House, Watsons Bay, a glorious wedding.

Dunbar House, Watsons Bay, a glorious wedding.

Photography by Matthew Duchesne and Andre Moonen

Mandy and Michael couldn’t have looked happier on their stunning day. Congratulations to the most beautiful couple!

Dunbar House, Watson’s Bay is hard to beat for the perfect wedding venue don’t you agree?

and THAT dress……….

Sydney photographer_0602.jpg
Sydney photographer_0603.jpg
Sydney photographer_0604.jpg
Sydney photographer_0605.jpg
Sydney photographer_0606.jpg
Sydney photographer_0607.jpg
Sydney photographer_0608.jpg
Sydney photographer_0609.jpg
Sydney photographer_0610.jpg
Sydney photographer_0611.jpg
Sydney photographer_0612.jpg
Sydney photographer_0613.jpg
Sydney photographer_0614.jpg
Sydney photographer_0615.jpg
Sydney photographer_0616.jpg
Sydney photographer_0617.jpg
Sydney photographer_0618.jpg
Sydney photographer_0619.jpg
Sydney photographer_0620.jpg
Sydney photographer_0621.jpg
Sydney photographer_0622.jpg
Sydney photographer_0623.jpg
Sydney photographer_0624.jpg
Sydney photographer_0625.jpg
Sydney photographer_0626.jpg
Sydney photographer_0627.jpg
Sydney photographer_0628.jpg
Sydney photographer_0629.jpg
Sydney photographer_0630.jpg
Sydney photographer_0631.jpg
Sydney photographer_0632.jpg
Sydney photographer_0633.jpg
Sydney photographer_0634.jpg
Sydney photographer_0635.jpg
Sydney photographer_0636.jpg
Sydney photographer_0637.jpg
Sydney photographer_0638.jpg
Sydney photographer_0639.jpg
Sydney photographer_0640.jpg
Sydney photographer_0641.jpg
Sydney photographer_0642.jpg
Sydney photographer_0643.jpg

Madeleine Wood
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