Sydney Yurulbin Park Birchgrove Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

Sydney Yurulbin Park Birchgrove Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

Photography by Anni Payne

Elizabeth and Anthony met more than ten years ago. It seems like they met yesterday!

We went to one of my favourite locations, Yurulbin Park at the end of Long Nose Point in Birchgrove for a pre-wedding session. Yurulbin Park is great for photography because it has so many backgrounds and textures and has quite an intimate feel to it because usually there are just a couple of fisherman and us around.

Elizabeth and Anthony were lovely to photograph as a couple despite feeling a little nervous being photographed in the beginning. They soon warmed up and were rehearsing for their bridal waltz before we knew it!

We had lots of fun.

Anni Payne
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