Top 5 reasons to have a ‘playdate’ photography session before your wedding

Top 5 reasons to have a ‘playdate’ photography session before your wedding

Photography by Matthew Duchesne
Here are the gorgeous Mandy and Michael before their wedding day having a playdate session!

It is such a lovely opportunity to photograph this gorgeous time in your lives.

If you need some more reasons to have a playdate session, here are our

TOP 5 reasons to have a ‘playdate’ photography session before your wedding:

1. Get used to being photographed by a professional

2. Capture this amazing time in your lives as a couple

3. Get used to working with your wedding photographer and understand what works best with their direction (lighting, posing, background choices)

4. Have a hair and makeup trial for your wedding and see how it photographs

5. Use a location that is special to you, maybe where the proposal was, or at your favourite cafe or park or beach

Often these photos will be the ones you treasure the most!


At Milk & Honey Photography we love working with you on these sessions for all of the reasons above, call or email us today to book in your session. 02 9555 7966, info@milkandhoney.com.au


Anni and Matthew
Sydney photographer_0644.jpg
Sydney photographer_0645.jpg
Sydney photographer_0646.jpg
Sydney photographer_0647.jpg
Sydney photographer_0648.jpg
Sydney photographer_0649.jpg
Sydney photographer_0650.jpg
Sydney photographer_0651.jpg
Sydney photographer_0652.jpg
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Madeleine Wood
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