Tween Fine Art Sessions


Tween Fine Art Sessions

At Milk & Honey Photography, we believe in the art of preserving moments that matter. Our Tween Fine Art Sessions are designed to celebrate the unique personality of your tween during this beautiful phase of their life.

The Milk & Honey Experience

We have tweens ourselves so we know this age group very well! It is a beautiful time in their development where they are not yet teenagers but are more than little kids. We think it’s a perfect time to capture their adorable personalities and character while they are still happy to be photographed!

We promise that the session will be a fun experience for you and your children! We guarantee to capture some images that you will love!

The Process:

1. Book in your session and we will send you a calendar of available dates and times and some tips on what to wear and bring to the session.
2. The session will take place in our LEICHHARDT STUDIO where the magic happens! You and your Tween/s will have a blast!
3. We will organise another time for you to come in for your viewing session where you will see your images on a cinematic slideshow and choose your favourites! It is a fun process, we promise!

Why Choose Our Tween Fine Art Sessions?

  • Expertise: We have years of experience in working with tweens, ensuring that each session is relaxed, enjoyable, and authentically captures your tween’s personality.
  • Emphasis on Emotion: We go beyond just taking photos; we aim to capture the emotions, connections, and stories that make your tween unique.
  • Timeless Memories: These portraits will become more than just photographs; they’ll be treasured memories that bring you back to this precious phase.
  • Tailored for Tweens: Our sessions are tailored to the interests and preferences of your tween, ensuring an experience that resonates with them.

What to bring? What to expect?

We will guide and gently direct you with the best light and a choice of backgrounds on the day, so all you have to do is to trust us and enjoy the session! We encourage you to bring along elements that are important in your tween’s life right now; you can bring your family pet, favourite belongings such as books or musical instruments, and it is fine to bring a couple of outfits (and maybe even your tween’s favourite outfit) which are all great for adding to the story of your child’s personality. We want to create some classic fine art portraits that really celebrate the emergence from childhood into the teen years – and how all of your great parenting has come to fruition!

What to wear?

Feel free to inject your personality into your tween’s portrait. Choose items for the kids as if you were creating one single outfit but not necessarily all dressed the same. We advise staying away from any obvious logos or text and any very busy patterns that may be distracting.

Here are some ideas for the colour scheme: Pastels OR Natural tones, Dark colours OR Bright tones

Please feel free to bring along some outfit changes so that we can advise you on what will work best. Accessories like scarves, hats, hair flowers or jewellery can add to the outfit. Please watch out for singlet or clothes straps, or old nail polish and temporary tattoos and no chewing gum or food during the session please!

Tween Portrait Testimonial

Miss 11 says:
I had so much fun doing my photo shoot. Matthew was really nice and super easy to work with.

Mum says:
LOVE LOVE LOVE our new pics. You've really captured our girls very naturally and yet they are also gorgeous works of art. There were so many beautiful shots to choose from - Anni was fantastic at helping me work through the options. Great experience from beginning to end. Thank you. (Rae Dahm, Mum)


Booking Your Tween Fine Art Session

The upcoming school holidays are the perfect time to book your Tween Fine Art Session.

CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW TO PURCHASE our special Tween Session Package and we will be in touch with time and date options for your session.


Individual matted prints and high res. digital files start from $95ea. Packages including collections of matted prints and digital files starting from $750 and fine art framed prints starting from $350.


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